Berwick Ladies win hockey league

Berwick Ladies 19-1 Livingston

Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 10:48 am
League champions, Berwick Ladies.



Berwick Hockey Club have ended their first season in East District Ladies Division Three as league champions.

The ladies moved into the Scottish League in August and have enjoyed a number of excellent results, despite fielding a particularly young team in every game.

However, Berwick waited until their final match of the season - against Livingston and West Lothian Ladies - to demonstrate just how much talent they have in the team, with a 19-1 win to seal a promotion into Division Two next year.

As the result intimates, Berwick held possession of the ball for most of the game and made numerous attacks upon the Livingston defence – one of which resulted in a goal from Michelle Stewart within minutes of the whistle.

This early goal set the scene for the rest of the game, Stewart netting another seven goals before the final whistle, along with hat-tricks from Haley Garland and Erin Dundas, a super tap-in from Katie Thompson and four goals netted by (player of the match) Charlotte Alexander.

Livingston’s only goal came from a deflected ball bouncing off the back of the Berwick keeper’s pads only minutes from the final whistle.

Berwick are looking forward to moving up a league next season and hope to repeat their 154 goal-scoring performance in Division Two.

Unfortunately, it is still uncertain whether the astroturf in Berwick will be playable for home matches or not. As a result, the ladies may face another expensive season of travelling to every game.

Berwick Ladies, league champions for the 2018-19 season.