Sweet Tooth

Irene Bennett, of Chirnside, got in touch this week with a photograph taken on the morning - April 28, 1949 - that sweets came ‘off’ ration after WWII.

Tuesday, 19th May 2015, 9:37 am
Sunday 28th April 1949, the crowd outside Frances Taits on Castle Gate as sweets came off rationing. Sent in by Mrs Bennett, originally from Highcliffes now of Chirnside. "I bought the red and green lollipops 1penny each"

The shop shown is Frances Tait’s, on Castlegate in Berwick. Irene and her sister Annie are the two girls standing with the pram, and they were joined by two cousins, Gracie and Janette.

“Maybe others will put some names to faces, or recognise themselves” wrote Irene. “I always bought the red, green and yellow lollipops, a penny each, then it was off to the Playhouse or the theatre next to Fortes.”