Bamburgh Castle archaeologists bid
to raise £10,000

Archaeologists in Bamburgh have started their first crowd funding campaign to try and raise £10,000 towards the costs of their work.

Sunday, 14th April 2013, 9:34 am

Members of the Bamburgh Research Project have carried out digs at the village’s imposing castle and the surrounding area every summer since 1996.

However, as a not-for-profit heritage group, they are now looking for help to replace old equipment and continue to train and support the next generation of archaeologists.

In return, they are promising unique rewards and benefits such as exclusive tours of the site and advertising on their official website.

The project’s Gerry Twomey said: “Bamburgh Castle is a pretty fascinating place to dig. It’s a unique site and we’ve had some amazing finds such as a horde of Anglo-Saxon coins.

“However, we are currently not funded except through student fees and that makes it difficult to pay for getting artefacts conserved and generally doing our work. It all costs money so we’re hoping this fund-raising campaign will do the trick.

“In addition, we’re hoping it will attract more volunteers to come and help out with our excavations, both at Bamburgh Castle and the bronze age Bradford Kaims.”

Bamburgh, fortress palace of the Anglo-Saxon Kings of Northumbria, has been continuously occupied for more than 3,000 years.

For 17 years this legacy has been investigated by archaeologists, students, and volunteers participating in the Bamburgh Research Project’s annual excavations.

The campaign runs until May 31. Visit or for more details.