Rangers to vote ‘For’ Colts’ admittance to league

Berwick Rangers have confirmed they will vote ‘For’ the proposal to admit Rangers and Celtic ‘Colts’ teams into the Lowland League for the 2021/22 season at this week’s league AGM.

Monday, 24th May 2021, 11:48 am
Berwick Rangers FC.

The decision was made following an in-depth Zoom consultation with supporters, where representatives of the club’s Board of Directors guided those in attendance through the full details of the proposal, as laid out by the Lowland League to the club.

Following the presentation, the Directors fielded a range of questions on the topic from supporters. A private vote was then held, with these votes added to the results of an online poll conducted by the Supporters Club.

The final results were as follows:

‘For’ - 64.8%

‘Against’ - 22.2%

‘No Strong Feeling’ - 13.0%

In a statement the club said: “When this proposal was first made public on May 5, it generated strong opinions. It’s why the Board of Directors, from the outset, sought the opinions of you – our supporters – to help make the decision.

“Emails to the club were encouraged and the supporters organisations gauged the views of their members. The Supporters Club ran a poll over the weekend of May 8-9, with the results of that – 51.5% responses in favour – aiding the club in its decision to vote ‘For’ the proposal at a Lowland League meeting on May 10.

“However, acknowledging the short, five-day time-frame available from when the proposal was made public to a vote being lodged, the Directors arranged tonight’s additional consultation and, with more votes cast, it led to the results displayed above.

“The issue of Rangers and Celtic ‘Colts’ is likely to continue to divide opinion but, having engaged with our supporters throughout on the topic, it is clear that the majority are supportive of the club’s decision to vote ‘For’ the proposal.

“In the two weeks that have passed since the proposal was made public, we’ve spent a lot of time engrossed in it to ensure we arrived at a decision we were happy with.“We’d like to thank everybody who took the time to interact with us and share their thoughts on the proposal.

“Now the decision has been taken, we’re now keen to draw a line under this and look ahead to the 2021/22 season. We can’t wait to see you all back at Shielfield Park.”