Dutch visitors latest to taste ‘home from home’

A memorable milestone was reached recently when the Dutch club vv Zeewolde came to Berwick for what was to be the 30th anniversary of this unique event which gives a great opportunity to boys and girls from different cultures the chance to meet through football and more importantly make friendships and memory’s which last a life time.

Monday, 10th June 2019, 12:10 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 11:48 am
Players and officials on the 2019 Berwick-Zeewolde exchange.
Players and officials on the 2019 Berwick-Zeewolde exchange.

Three teams U12s,U14s and U16s and their coaches were made welcome by the players of Berwick juniors families as they made their homes available to the Dutch visitors for their week long stay.

Events were planned for the week which saw the visitors take part in a number of planned trips including orienteering, various fun team challenges, swimming, bowling, foot golf, a stadium tour of Newcastle United’s St James’ Park, coaching session by NUFC coaches, trampolining and of course the football matches against the host sides.

Invited teams from Alnwick and Hibs girls gave the visitors some opposition from outside the town with the final cup matches against Berwick Juniors teams on the Thursday evening proving successfull for both clubs.

Zeewolde U12s retained their cup and Berwick Juniors won the U14s and U16s trophies, although just as important was the good football played and the manner in which all the players handled themselves in all the games.

A spokesman for the club said: “A big thank you goes to all the guest families who make this exchange so special and also the local businesses who sponsor this event.

“It would not be possible for this milestone to have been reached without you all – hundreds of children from both clubs have had a lot of joy through this exchange over the last 30 years and long may it continue enriching the lives of our youngsters.

“Our final thank you has to go to Robert Johnson and Leen de Boer, the two men who initially started this exchange of many years ago.

“They had the vision all those years ago which sees players make the trip to the respective clubs every two years, and their hard work in the beginning combined with everyone who has been involved since those days has ensured this great tradition grows from strength to strength.”