Winter season is keeping us busy

This is supposed to be an easier time at the Rollo Centre, but this year, just as last year, we seem to be getting ever busier.

Sunday, 20th January 2019, 11:10 am
Hedgehog houses.

Every year we seem to break the record for the number of hedgehogs that have come into the centre.

Last year there were 42 at any one time. This year we currently have 45.

Thank goodness we managed to buy some new indoor cages. These are used for the poorly hogs that need to stay indoors so they don’t hibernate as they are too small.

Jim and Peter will be building the stands for these cages this week so I hope next time I write I will be able to show a photo of them in place.

It takes quite a time to sort all the hogs in the morning.

We have 20 in our outside hutches.

They should be asleep, but all the hutches have to be checked each day as there is always one or two who have woken up and need clean paper, food and water.

In the big room we have six hutches. They are used to accommodate the hogs that are now well enough to hibernate, but need cooling down gently before going outside.

These have to be cleaned and fed daily.

We are making provision for five of the old cages in the recovery room to be moved here when the new cages are put in.

This will help a lot as we have the remaining 19 hogs in the recovery area and some of these are ready to move on.

All these hogs need attention daily and this takes up the majority of our morning.

We just can’t wait to see how the new cages work.

The cygnets are all doing well now that they are all together.

The only one who is always a little apart from the others is our amputee cygnet.

The trouble is he had to be kept away from the group for a while after his operation and has been unable to join in quite as much as we would have liked.

He is progressing very well and flaps his good wing on one side and his little stumpy bit on the other.

When he is on the water it is difficult to spot the lack of wing.

The kestrel we have in on cage rest, after his broken leg was pinned, is eating very well.

He can now move his foot, although not in a strong grip yet.

His leg seems to be not quite at the same angle as his good leg, but it is still early days.

He will be going back to the vet for a check-up next week.

At our committee meeting this week I hope to get approval for our plans for a Friends of BSWT group.

Hopefully, these will appear very soon on Facebook and on our website, once we have that approval.

We are also hoping to get a group together to help us with fund-raising and other events.

The few of us just cannot manage with running the centre as well as organising events to raise funds on our own.

Please check it out and join us if you can.