Winter has been a very hard slog

We still have not managed to release all the overwintering hedgehogs, although they are all now well on the way.

Saturday, 12th May 2018, 1:57 pm
Mallard duckling.

Most are now living on Hotchi Mews and Little Hut Row hardening off before going out to fend for themselves.

Most are spoken for and will be released by their finder.

It was a hard slog this winter with 43 to look after.

We hoped to have all the hogs away so that we can have a bit of a spring clean before the new year’s babies arrive, but they are already starting to come in.

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Bun the leveret has been at home with me as he needed bottle feeding and it is better if just one person does this.

He had his last bottle on Sunday and is eating enough to gain weight without needing milk.

He will now go in a pen inside one of our aviaries at the Rollo Centre so that he sees people only once a day when feeding.

He weighs 560g now and can be released when he is 800g so hopefully he is well on his way.

We also have one little Mallard duckling. He had somehow lost his family and was wandering alone. We have given him a mirror to keep him company.

A little blackbird fledgling was brought in after a cat attack. It had an injury to its side and was unable to use one leg properly.

In the hope that once the bruising healed its leg would be better, it has been at home with me.

It has taken food with a pair of tweezers and worms or dog food by anyone passing the cage, but we noticed yesterday that its leg was tucked right up and completely useless so sadly we shall have to put it to sleep this morning. We did give it a try.

Soon the herring gull babies will be arriving too.

This year I am afraid that we will not be able to come and collect gull chicks that have fallen off roofs.

We spend so much time doing this each year it is getting too much for us to manage. We are happy to take in any chick brought into us, when we will care for it until it can fend for itself, but the collection ‘service’ will stop.

Last year we had unbelievable abuse when we were unable to go immediately to pick up the chicks.

We are busy preparing for our open day, which is fast approaching.

If we can manage to get a bit of a spring clean in, we should look quite presentable.

The new aviary is complete and looks great thanks to the effort of Jim, with a little help from Peter. We are now looking forward to making improvements to the little pond, which has been causing us problems over the last couple of years. This job will not be done until after the open day, but it is a work in progress.

We hope everyone will come along and see our new aviary being opened officially at the start of our open day, which is on Saturday, May 26, between 10.30am and 2.30pm.