We're not a chick collection agency

At the weekend we held our Open Day to open our new Claw And Talon Room and to show everyone the changes that have been made to the '˜big room'.

Friday, 23rd June 2017, 5:36 pm
At the weekend we held our Open Day to open our new 'claw and talon' room. The photograph shows Jim cutting the ribbon, Jim did the majority of the work on the room so we felt it was right that he was allowed to 'do the honours'..

We were pleased with the response to the changes.

I must admit that the room does look so much brighter and cleaner now that we have sorted out all the equipment that had been saved, but not used for years and years.

The photograph shows Jim cutting the ribbon on the room. Jim did the majority of the work to transform the room so we felt it was only right that he was allowed to ‘do the honours’.

We have received our 2018 calendars now, which are available to buy from the David Rollo Centre, priced at £7.50.

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This year they come with a booklet, which tells the story of the trust over the last 25 years. The booklet is also available separately for £2.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us at the Open Day. We raised a total of £602 at the event.

This week we are releasing four tiny wren babies, which Jackie has brought on very well.

Two jackdaws will also be going to Una’s to be released.

And our two young tawny owls seem to be going on well.

However, this is the season we all dread – with herring gull chicks falling from roofs and needing to be looked after.

These birds create an awful mess. Their pen needs hosing twice a day, and we have a constant smell of fish about the place when we make up their food bowls.

We do get very annoyed when members of the public ring us up and demand that we go at once to pick up a gull chick from their garden.

We are happy to take these birds, but we do need them to be brought into us.

On Sunday we had 12 calls to collect them. Many callers are quite rude when we explain that we can’t come out at once.

We do also get very nice people who come and bring the chick, or chicks, to us and they are very happy to have somewhere to take them.

Last year we had 30 gull chicks to rear. This year we are up to 18 already.

If you need to pick up a young gull, have a box handy, protect your head with an umbrella, quickly put the chick in the box and close the lid. The parents are only protecting their baby.

Any nest or chicks on a roof are the responsibility of the householder. We are happy to help if necessary, but we are not a gull chick collection agency.

Other babies we have in the centre at the moment are a wood pigeon and a little blue tit, which was found by a holidaymaker couple walking the walls.

They had no idea where it came from and waited for some time to see if the parents came, but they carried it in their hands to keep it warm and I met them and their lovely cocker spaniel at the end of their walk.

The little bird is needing to be hand-fed so wasn’t ready to leave the nest yet.