We can always count on your generosity

Daisy is a small terrier type who came in as a stray, but remained unclaimed so is now looking for the right home.

Saturday, 19th November 2016, 9:41 am
Berwick animal rescue kennels

She can be a little bit timid at first, but soon shows what a cuddly dog she is. She is probably around four years old.

Chillie is a big lurcher cross. He is a super boy, but has clearly been used for working.

When he has his walk at night he is constantly on the look-out and can appear unnerved by bright lights and strangers approaching. During the day he is very sociable and loves people.

He walks well around dogs he knows. We have started to walk Chillie with a cage muzzle and this makes him feel more secure.

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We have some male guineas, pairs and singles, looking for homes, as well as pairs of female and male baby guineas.

We also have four rabbits.

Cloud is just lovely. She has a coat that needs grooming and loves being groomed.

Funny Bunny is a beautiful, sleek, black and white bun. She has come on so much since coming in and is always inquisitive and looking for food and a stroke. Similarly, Honey loves to know what is going on.

Newbie Thumper has always been a house rabbit. He really doesn’t like being picked up, but is said to come over for a bit of chat under his own steam when he’s ready.

Lucky and Hendrick, the cockatiels, are still waiting for that right home, as are our three degus, George, Eric and David.

Sox is a handsome black and white cat. He will have been with us a year this week. He can be a lovely boy, but prefers not to be over fussed. He would probably make an excellent mouser.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated cat/kitten food in response to our request last week. One thing we can always be certain of is your generosity.

We are currently having to empty our food bin at Morrisons twice a week and we are very grateful for all those donations, as well as to Morrisons for its ongoing support.