Water meter for allotment plots

A water meter is to be installed at the Blakewell Gardens allotments in Tweedmouth, at a cost of more than £600.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 26 November, 2018, 08:22
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The water supply for the three allotment plots is unmetered with annual charge of around £150 but this was forecast to rise to more than £900 a year.

Town clerk Gareth Davies, in a report to members, explained: ‘Historically, the water charge had been based on a nominal useage amounting to an annual charge of circa £150.

‘A change in charging policy at Northumbrian Water Business (now Wave) meant that allotment sites without a water meter were assessed as using water equivalent to the average for metered sites across the region.

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‘The impact of this change was to significantly increase charges to a current £650 a year, with a further increase to over £900 a year forecast.

‘To address this issue, Wave were asked to undertake a survey to provide a cost for installing a water meter. The cost of installing a water meter will be £612.28.’

The cost of installing a meter is not within the current budget so members have approved the necessary virement from reserves.