WATCH: Berwick Middle School - Annie

The Maltings resounded to the sound of dozens of orphans' feet and some well known songs, as the pupils of Berwick Middle School put on their production of Annie.

Friday, 31st March 2017, 8:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:06 pm
Annie performed by Berwick Middle School pupils at The Maltings. Picture by Jane Coltman

This classic story of orphan Annie, her escape from the misery of the orphanage and the clutches of the wicked Miss Hannigan, was brought to life by the pupils from Years 7 and 8.

Set in New York, with Izzy Maud singing beautifully in the title role, the story follows Annie’s adventure as she is chosen to live with the billionaire Mr Warbucks (played by Kian Graham) for Christmas.

Annie performed by Berwick Middle School pupils at The Maltings. Picture by Jane Coltman

As the story develops, a massive search ensues to find Annie’s real parents.

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Chloe Ferguson, as Miss Hannigan, was superb, as she played a very convincing and comical drunk, while ‘looking after’ her charges. Even a throat infection for Chloe didn’t stop her entertaining the whole house with her great acting and timing.

A double act worth a mention were Annie’s supposed parents, Rooster Hannigan (Kai Jardine) and Lily St Regis (Erin Chappell). Kai, it seems, is a real natural on stage and he sang and acted confidently in the role of such a dodgy geezer! Kai certainly had all the moves – and even did a moonwalk!

Erin, equally confident, was his perfect partner in crime.

Annie performed by Berwick Middle School pupils at The Maltings. Picture by Jane Coltman

Lauren Heyward, as Pepper, showed great acting skills and timing as she screamed and shouted at the other orphans (who were all fantastic). Every one of them was animated and professional throughout, belting out the big numbers and stomping their feet. Even Sandy the Dog sang beautifully. Also deserving of a mention was Amy Birch, as Grace Farrel, showing such stage presence and singing with skill, in the part of Mr Warbucks’ secretary.

In fact, the show was brilliant. The whole cast ‘picked up their chins, and grinned’ and sung their socks off! The pupils of Berwick Middle Show put on a truly fantastic performance of which they and their teachers should be very proud.


Annie: Izzy Maud; Pepper: Lauren Hayward; Molly: Saskia Morton; Duffy: Megan Sprot; Kate: Nicole Selby; Tessie: Julia Lukjanow; July: Amanda Smith.

Orphans: Rahma Latif; Taylor Hemmings; Kirstin Blake; Kate Morrison;Ellie Buglass; Olivia Forster; Elise Cowe; Debbie-Lou Craig; Robyn Cuthbert; Erin Hook; Megan Brown; Erinne Noon; Erin Mather; Greta Raslan.

Miss Hannigan: Chloe Ferguson; Bundles McCloskey: Stuart Flannigan; Corn Seller: Matthew Smith.

Dog Catcher: Jennifer Gray; Sandy the Dog: Coby Turner-Scott; Lt. Ward: Joe Kenny; Grace Farrell: Amy Birch; Drake: Liam Southwood; Cecille: Rebecca Mavin; Annette: Justice Inglis; Mrs Pugh: Jodie Drawbridge.

Oliver Warbucks: Kian Graham; Rooster Hannigan: Kai Jardine; Lily St. Regis: Erin Chappell; Radio Announcer : Lilli Warner;

Bert Healy: Jordan Hodgson; President Roosevelt : Jamie Lawson; Louis Howe FBI: Marcie Beresford.