Voters want consistency

In her recent column, our MP built the Government's case for three issues, (Berwick Advertiser, August 16).

Friday, 31st August 2018, 13:00 pm

She deserves our sympathy as on all three she did so on shifting sands.

On the environment, the Tories have moved to a ‘radical 25-year environmental strategy’ (which it isn’t).

On how we treat those from other cultures, the Tories have broken a promise on Syrian refugee children and also deliberately created their ‘hostile environment’, which damaged so many from the Windrush and beyond. Yet now we’re asked to ‘hug a hijab’.

As for free speech, I believe the Government tried to prevent it in parliament on Brexit in the Gina Miller case and to inhibit informed discussion among the general public on the same subject, suppressing impact assessments.

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Yet free speech is now claimed as an absolute for Boris, regardless of his language, his tone, his impact or his motive.

Vote hunting should be clearly and consistently based or it risks looking like unprincipled politics-speak.

That slipperiness annoyed many who voted Leave.

Those 17million (and the 30million who didn’t do so) seek a relatively stable meaning to their lives. Politicians should help.

Peter Watts