Visitor centre at the border

I noted in the Issue of The Berwick Advertiser (June 16) that the councillors of Lamberton are to ask The Scottish Government to replace one of The Saltires at the border crossing off the A1 with a Union Flag and the other with a Flag of Berwickshire.

Sunday, 3rd July 2016, 08:00 am
Updated Thursday, 30th June 2016, 12:46 pm

Personally, I am delighted to cross the border and see my national flag flying, I know I reside in the UK and I am sure many visitors are fully aware of this and have no need to be reminded by another union flag flying.

They can see that flag on the other side of the road. They are visiting Scotland and stop to take photographs to register this fact in front of the flags representing the country they are visiting or possibly moving to.

I lived in Berwickshire for many years and could not tell you what flag represents that county, so would suggest the branding is unlikely to register with visitors either.

To increase tourism and employment, would not the councillors’ time be better spent pushing for some land to set up a visitor centre at the crossing where the delights of Lamberton and the wider Berwickshire could be presented to those stopping at the crossing, with the added advantage of providing some local employment.

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