Use site for public good

I do not know whether the present decision to build the new Berwick hospital at The Swan Centre is the right one or not because I do not personally know all the true facts behind its reasoning.

Friday, 7th September 2018, 09:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 09:45 am

What I do know is that the whole PR situation has been very badly handled.

No mention is made about what the old hospital site is worth.

My question is this. Should the site be sold, what will happen to any money raised from this valuable piece of land?

Will this money leave Berwick, or be used for the good of the town?

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A suggestion – instead of selling all of the site, part of it could be turned into a tourist hub, part car park/coach park.

There could be a tourist information office with public loos, and it would be for the general good – a welcoming space for the townspeople and visitors.

This sort of arrangement would probably lesson the heat and wrath being directed at all councillors just now.

Patti Lomax