Unexpected guest at our open day

A really hectic week this has been. I am grateful to Elfie for helping with the jottings, which gives me a bit of extra time.

Sunday, 7th August 2016, 9:14 am
Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust calendar.

It seems to take ages when the cleaning and feeding is finished for Kay and myself to work out where tables will fit and display boards can go – organising is very exhausting work.

We must thank Dick and Peter for doing the far less tiring physical work of moving and putting up the tables and boards.

The Open Day and AGM went off very well, and it was nice to see some new faces through the door.

We made a total of £521, plus a couple of very generous donations from members unable to attend.

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A big thank you to the committee and volunteers who helped, and to members of the public who spent so well on the day.

Also a big thank you to Jan from BARK who lent us a water boiler – so much easier to make the teas.

Our six rabbit kits were one of the favourites with visitors, but without doubt, the main attraction was Errol, who was looking over his new aviary for the day.

He was quite happy sitting on the window ledge watching everyone. He has had to go back to his old aviary until the roof is finished. Jim is just waiting for the panels to be delivered.

We had our new Christmas cards and notelets, together with 2017 calendars, delivered, and my mum spent a happy afternoon folding and packing them. These were a hit with visitors as Errol features on many of the cards and the calendars.

While we were open for business, and Kay and myself were busy doing teas, cakes and rolls, we had a phone call about a seal on Spittal beach.

We gave the British Marine Divers Rescue phone number to the caller and told them not to touch the animal until they had called the experts at BMDR as we don’t have facilities for seals.

Half an hour later a man came into the office where we were serving the teas to announce that he had the seal in the back of his car and ask where we were going to put it.

We contacted BMDR ourselves and asked its advice.

We were told that since the animal had been handled it could not be put back.

We housed it temporarily in a badger cage until it was picked up in the evening by a very knowledgeable lady from the divers’ rescue.

She gave us lots of useful advice, but generally speaking, anyone finding a young seal on the beach should not touch it, but get advice first. It may have just been parked on the beach while the mother is off fishing. She will return at night and call the baby to come out to her.

Our AGM was quite well attended.

Dick has retired from the office of chairman and Walter Curtis has been elected in his place.

Now we just have to put all the tables, etc, back where they came from.