Two generous donations

Recently, Berwick and District Friends of Dementia (B&DFoD) has received two very generous donations from the kind people of our town.

Saturday, 1st September 2018, 1:00 pm

On Thursday, August 16, the past president of Berwick Inner Wheel Marjorie Hardie came along to Alz Cafe and presented us with the money she had raised for our charity during her year in office. This amounted to the magnificent sum of £1,355.23.

Marjorie and her members had worked incredibly hard by holding several money-making events throughout the year, which were supported not only by their family and friends, but once again by the good folks of our town.

Similarly, the same can be said for our other wonderful friends The Greenses Residents’ Committee.

It, too, works tirelessly to raise money for worthy causes. Its main fund-raiser is the weekly car boot sale, held in the Castlegate car park every Sunday throughout the summer.

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This year, four different local charities benefitted from its fund-raising.

On Tuesday, August 21, on behalf of B&DFoD, two of our members, Linda and Irene, went along to The Pilot Inn to receive a cheque to the sum of £500 from Ian Hay.

These generous donations from the Inner Wheel and the Greenses Residents Committee will go towards ensuring that our members can enjoy all that Alz Cafe has to offer for the foreseeable future.

Thank you all so very, very much.

Margaret Johnson

Secretary, B&DFoD