Trust waiting for third badger call

I hope everyone had a very good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday, 13th January 2017, 11:32 am
An injured swan at Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust.

The trust was still busy during the holiday period.

We are waiting for our third call about a badger. We have found in the past that things always seem to come in threes and we have had two calls over the holiday period regarding badgers.

The first, just before Christmas, was about an injured badger lying at the side of the road.

The driver who found it checked that it was still alive and called at the Rollo Centre to get help.

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Kay got a pen ready, just in case it was required, and phoned Dick to come along and help.

They took the strong metal cage, the dog catcher and a couple of pairs of very thick gloves as injured badgers are not very easy to handle.

It took them less than half an hour to get to the injured animal, but, unfortunately, it had died before they could do anything to help it.

The second call came late afternoon on December 30 as Kay was walking her dogs at the beach.

She called me to see if I could go with her to the A1, near Reston, as someone had reported a badger trapped in barbed wire on the roadside.

Dick could not go as he was working, but Peter, our grandson, offered to come along to help.

He picked up his wire cutters just in case they were needed.

By the time we reached the area we needed to search as it was dark and the road was very busy with traffic heading North for Hogmanay.

We managed to pull over safely, got out our torches and walked along the road, checking all the verges down to the field fences.

We soon discovered that it can be very difficult to walk along an uneven grass verge in the constant glare of headlights.

Although we were searching for about an hour, we found nothing so eventually we gave it up and returned home.

So we are now waiting for the third call.

Also arriving during the holidays were two hedgehogs found out during the day, one weighing 250g, the other 350g. How they have managed to stay alive during the really cold weather at this size is quite surprising.

We have put the smaller one on ‘First Aid’ to give it a bit of a boost.

Both are putting on weight and doing well.

We had no swans in over the holiday so it was nice and easy when it came to the cleaning as there was no hosing to do.

We had one come up from Chester le Street via the RSPCA that is very weak, although it is eating. It is off to the vet later for an x-ray and blood tests to see if we can find out what is wrong with it. I will let you know next time I write how it is getting on.

This year is the 25th anniversary of the founding of the trust and we are hoping to do something to celebrate this event. Watch this space.