Town's needs being ignored

The Tories' decision to scrap the Core Strategy at a cost of £2.2million appears to me like a commitment to destruction.

Sunday, 17th September 2017, 09:00 am
Updated Thursday, 14th September 2017, 10:58 am

If the aim is to stop a single housing development at Dinnington, the council seat held by the new leader Peter Jackson, it should not be a reason to discard years of work and public consultation.

A reasoned approach would have been to review the land allocated for housing, removing controversial sites such as Dinninigton, Beadnell and Rothbury.

However, to stop all house building in Northumberland appears petulant.

The Tories have also scrapped the Core Strategy’s commitment to ensure that 15 per cent of all new houses are offered at affordable levels for rent or purchase.

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This will cause more misery for young people who cannot get on the housing ladder and are either forced to move away from Northumberland or to live in overcrowded houses with their parents or friends.

Also abandoned are plans to promote economic development, job creation, environmental protection, improved transport links and a host of other policies that were rigorously tested by public consultation and independent scrutiny.

Yet again, the needs of Berwick are being ignored – we have a proven housing need in Berwick, with high levels of overcrowding and a lack of affordable houses for sale and rent, especially for young people.

Young families in Berwick are to be denied the housing they need.

If you are in housing need, then Berwick Labour Party will listen to you.

Contact us, or come to a meeting and tell us your story. Using that evidence, we will campaign for the reinstatement of an affordable house building programme for Berwick.

Eric Goodyer

Church Street