Town sets sights on gold at Northumbria in Bloom

Berwick's association with the Northumbria in Bloom competition is into its tenth year and sights have been set on the overall gold award to celebrate in a special way.

Friday, 20th April 2018, 1:52 pm
Seafield Park in Spittal.

An appeal for everyone to help improve the high standards already set has been made to the residents of Berwick, Tweedmouth and Spittal.

At a special press briefing, Margaret and Bernard Shaw, representing Berwick; Mau Watkins, from Spittal; and John Robertson and Margaret Mckinnen, from Tweedmouth, stressed the need for a united effort if the town is to improve on the silver gilt it won last year.

Castle Vale Park

“So much has been achieved but there are so many things which can be done,” they said. “This is not for us – it is for the whole town, for the people who live here, for the many visitors who come here and for all our friends in the towns and villages around us.

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“We would like people to look after a flower bed or remove weeds, tidy up the surroundings, plant flowers, hang flower baskets, produce even more colour. We have great examples of community spirit and we hope to enlarge that.”

The group wants to do more work at the coach drop-off point at The Parade, Spittal hopes to introduce a doorstep competition and Tweedmouth has plans for improving the southern approach to the Royal Tweed Bridge.

They say they are often told the work should be done by the county and town councils.

A floral boat outside Ord House Country Park.

“They are supportive and we appreciate the help they do give,” they said. “The fact is that neither authority has enough people to do it. We must accept they have endured a series of cutbacks and there is a limit to what they can do for us.”

Judging takes place in early spring and on July 18, with 40 per cent of the points based on the former visit and 60 per cent on the latter.

Praise for some of the individual schemes in the town has been profuse and there have been numerous gold awards in separate categories. Berwick Bowling Club, Castle Vale Park, Garden House in Spittal, the daffodil walk in Tweedmouth, the Greens in Berwick and the improvement work on the war memorials at Tweedmouth and Spittal have been acclaimed as outstanding examples.

Many local people support the Berwick in Bloom scheme by donating plants and bulbs. This is much appreciated.

Castle Vale Park

“We have said we are going for gold,” says the group. “That is our aim and with everyone helping, we can achieve it.”

A floral boat outside Ord House Country Park.