Total system review needed

At a time when Berwick's future is somewhat endangered, there is still hope that it could achieve the title of 'Scotland's Eastern Gateway' '“ but it is going to entail input of a more positive nature by county and local council representatives, and a total review of the area postcoding system.

Tuesday, 6th September 2016, 9:05 am

By far, there is too much in-fighting between councillors at both local and county levels.

Many of us were sickened, not only in Berwick but further afield, when our retired Parliamentary member Sir Alan Beith was snubbed for his efforts being rewarded by the confirming of him as an Honorary Freeman, which he richly deserves for his excellent work in forwarding Northumberland and this town.

Yes, we are somewhat geographically challenged by the ‘boundary’, namely The River Tweed. However, there are many towns and villages with a Borders’ (TD) postcode when many of them are in Northumberland.

Whilst I have no intention whatever in becoming embroiled in history (I disliked this at school), I do empathise with the many who are missing out on issues from which they could benefit.

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I note with great interest that our Berwick Advertiser carries advertisements for Scottish Borders Council.

What are we? A Scottish town under English jurisdiction, or an independent ‘dependency’?

I have to travel some 20 miles to get a publication that I like. I enquired about getting a regular copy, but the manageress told me she didn’t have it on sale because of some postcode problem.

Frequently, a helicopter from Borders Search and Rescue appears to be involved in a variety of incidents within Northumberland, and even further afield.

The superb Borders General Hospital is easy to access, and having been treated there by an excellent team, staff do not appear to believe in the so-called ‘postcode lottery’. One member of staff told me that it is a case of regionalising the NHS and even they get bewildered as they are all part of a network and regard the saving of human lives of paramount concern, no matter where they come.

Perhaps those empowered with the future of Great Britain as a United Kingdom can get back to normality.

Eric Allen