Tootoot success story told to Rotary

In just four years, an organisation launched in Berwick to help vulnerable pupils to tackle bullying has gone international, employs more than 20 people in Berwick and Manchester, and has resolved 10,000 cases.

Monday, 4th June 2018, 9:32 am

The story of Tootoot, set up by Michael Brennan in 2013, was told to Berwick Rotary Club by employee Cam Carstairs.

He said he was proud to be involved in a scheme which is changing the lives of thousands of young people.

Their products, tootoot education and tootoot sport, provide individuals with a safe and anonymous way to speak about concerns such as bullying, harassment, mental health and racism.

Twenty sports and youth clubs, as well as 700 schools and two businesses, are now using the service.

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It has raised $1.1million through investment to expand.