Time to look after Britain

I write in response to the letter by Jean Watts, Scotts Place, (Berwick Advertiser, February 18).

Saturday, 27th February 2016, 12:00 pm

Mrs Watts should be thankful that our local MP is standing up for Britain and its people.

The EU is in turmoil. You would have to be blind not to see the chaos that is now happening right across the EU.

Ms Watts suggests that all 28 EU countries are working together. That is complete nonsense, 27 of those countries seem to be in it purely to see how much they can take from the British taxpayer.

The letter also mentions Churchill and Thatcher. If they were in power today they would not let the British people be pushed around by unelected foreign bureaucrats.

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Immigration can be beneficial to a country, but not uncontrolled as it is now.

Recent events in Germany and Sweden should be a warning of things to come in Britain. Our infrastructure is struggling to support the current population, millions more immigrants will destroy it completely.

It is time for the British people to stand up and look after themselves. If not then spare a thought for our future generations who will have to live with the consequences if we don’t protect our country now.

Mr Tony Van Gelderen