Time for the birds to fly back to wild

Thankfully, now the weather has improved slightly we have been able to release some of the birds we have been looking after.

Saturday, 31st March 2018, 1:22 pm
New huts for the animals.

A tiny goldfinch had recovered so well that we took him home to our aviary, which has very small mesh that he couldn’t squeeze through.

He spent a week or so with us, then last weekend we released him by just opening the door.

We have seen him round the garden a few times as he has returned to the aviary for food, which we have left for him and to roost at night.

We also had a starling and a blackbird in Aviary Two at the Rollo Centre.

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Both had been injured in cat attacks and we felt we should wait for a less cold spell of weather to release them.

When they did go they went off very quickly, but I think they are still around the garden of the centre.

A pigeon was released at the same time, but he didn’t waste any time and went off like a rocket – straight over all the buildings and away.

We are hoping to release the cygnets and most of the swans just after Easter.

We have decided to wait until then as the bank holiday weather is threatening to live up to its usual cold and miserable self.

As soon as the weather improves and the river is not so high they can be off.

We have been very busy with the hedgehogs now that they are beginning to wake up.

We have managed to buy five more little huts for them and now we have 20 hogs outside, with six in the big room in the cool.

The other 16 are in the recovery room and the surgery.

We have never had this many before.

We are hoping that by the middle of April we can start sending them out into the wild.

As the hogs in the outside pens are released they will be replaced by the ones patiently waiting indoors.

We will certainly be glad when this long winter is over.

This week, with the slightly warmer days, it has been lovely to work outside, which has made a nice change after all the snow and bitterly cold winds.

Jim has completed work on the new indoor aviary so now all we have to do is have a good clear out of the stuff we have kept ‘just in case’ and decide which items to keep and which to tip.

We are always pleased to receive donated carriers, cages, feeders, etc, but some are not really practical for us to use for one reason or another and these items will have to go.

We will not have the storage space to keep them all so we need to make a careful selection.

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing in dog food and mealworms as the majority of the hogs are awake and eating for Britain at the moment.

Please make a note of our open day on May 26 when we hope the new aviary will be opened by some of the children from the Junior Department at Longridge Towers.