Thiago takes British title and medals for students

The Berwick-based TF Fitness BJJ team travelled to Coventry to compete in the British Open last weekend and returned with several medals.

Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 09:52 am
Updated Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 09:56 am

This is a three day event, but the team were only involved in last two days of it.

First up, was Cody Leighton who had four fights, winning a silver medal via a rear naked choke, a triangle, a referees’ decision but lost in the final to a fellow Checkmat athlete from Marco Canha’s gym in London.

Next was Gregor Steele, who in only his second competition took bronze losing via a choke. He is gaining experience and knowledge each time he competes and it won’t be long before he’s higher up the podium.

Then came Jevon Leighton, who only recently became a blue belt and to obtain a match had to go up both a weight and age category, but still took silver losing via a bow and arrow move by his Norwegian opponent.

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Finally, on Saturday was Tia Gibson, who had to go up a weight category to find an opponent. She dug deep in her knowledge and experience refusing to allow her opponent to take a point off her. She took bronze on the day due to a referees’ decision that could have gone either way but she gained a lot of confidence from the experience.

Callam Crawford was the unlucky member of the travelling team, who had no opponents nor any categories close to his that he could compete in, but he offered valuable support to his colleagues.

Thiago Ferreira, the team’s coach, was the only adult competing, and he won gold on Sunday, taking the British title. The brown belt won by two submissions and a point in the final in a division where many of the competiutors were takller and heavier than him.

After the competition , Thiago commented on how much he enjoys the British Open and rates it very highly due to the level of opponents and the technical expertise that come to the event.

He was pleased with the performances of the team - from the pressure of the event to the level they had to achieve to bring back the medals they did.