The village show comes to King James Court

The excitement of the village show was brought to residents of King James Court in Berwick for the first time last week.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 15 May, 2016, 07:36
Margaret Britton with her table decoration titled 'lunch at the beach'

Residents at the Anchor Trust complex on West Street, along with their friends and families, were invited to compete in more than 20 categories – including an animal made from a fruit or vegetable.

There was an excellent turnout - over 100 entries - and everyone enjoyed the day.

There were three wins for Jeanette Bell and two wins apiece for Brian Shotton, Marion Dunn and Margaret Britton.

Anne Forbes, scheme manager, added: “We would like to thank Tony Berlino and Michael Richardson for judging and presenting the prizes.”


Three homemade scones: 1 Brian Shotton; 2 Margaret Laidlaw; 3 Doreen Mitchell.

Three decorated cupcakes: 1 Marion Dunn

Three homemade biscuits: 1 Margaret Britton; 2 Marion Dunn; 3 Margaret Britton.

Homemade cake: 1 Susan Andrews; 2 Jeanette Bell; 3 Andrea Hutson.

Mug of flowers: 1 Jeanette Bell; 2 Marion Dunn; 3 Margaret Britton.

Miniature garden on dining plate: 1 Anne Douglas.

Bowl floating flowers: 1 Jeanette Bell.

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Pot plant: 1 Marion Dunn; 2 Mary Rainford; 3 Marion Dunn.

An animal made from fruit/vegetable: 1 Jeanette Bell.

Handmade greeting card: 1 Maggie Stephenson; 2 Anne Douglas; 3 Hazel Allan.

Any painting/drawing: 1 Sue Timmons; 2 Kay Mortimer; 3 Brian Shotton.

Photograph theme; local: 1 Brian Shotton; 2 Margaret Britton; 3 Margaret Britton.

Photograph theme animal or bird: 1 Maureen Scranston; 2 Margaret Britton: 3 Hazel Allan.

Decorated bookmark: 1 Jeanette Bell; 2 Anne Douglas; 3 Mary Smiles.

Knitted or crocheted article: 1 Marion c/o Jean Cochrane; 2 Margaret Laidlaw; 3 Maggie Stephenson.

Soft toy knitted sewn crocheted: 1 Maureen Cranston; 2 Marion Dunn; 3 Christine Holmes.

Item of embrodery/tapestry/stitchwork: 1 Hazel Allan; 2 Bella Wilkinson; 3 Irene Wenden.

Table decoration: 1 Margaret Britton; 2 Margaret Britton; 3 Jeanette Bell.

Decorative item from home: 1 Vivien Mortimer; 2 Brian Shotton; 3 Maureen Cranston.