The old and young keep kennels busy

It's been an exhausting week at the kennels this week '“ and not just for the staff.

Sunday, 4th February 2018, 11:16 am
Berwick animal rescue kennels

We have had three animals, dogs as it happens, that needed a lot of extra TLC – Bobby, who we mentioned last week with the double fracture, Mary our expectant mum, more about her later, and Luis.

Luis joined us last week after he received what is believed to have been some sort of trauma to the head.

Sadly, he was not hit by a car, but his injuries are more consistent with something we don’t like to think about.

He’s an old boy and his injury resulted in him having one of his eyes removed. Whilst under the anaesthetic it became obvious that his teeth were also in need of some dental work, mainly removing them.

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He then joined us, and although not quite settled just yet, and who can blame him, he is improving every day and loves a cuddle.

We hope that Luis will be up for re-homing very soon, where he can continue to grow in confidence and have a loving retirement.

Mary joined us from another rescue centre after it was discovered that she was pregnant.

She kept us waiting three weeks, but on Thursday night the first of her pups was born at just after 8.15pm. She kept us busy all night and the last of her eight pups was born at 7.29am on Friday morning.

She is already being a great mum, and she will stay with her pups until they are nine weeks old, after which time she will be going back to her original rescue centre, which has found a loving new home for her.

Obviously, we will not be taking any enquiries about the pups until they are much older. Watch this space.

Our plant sale is planned to run alongside an open day on Saturday, May 26. Our plant sales are very popular and this year it is shaping up to be a much bigger event.

Could you spare a few hours to help us prepare in the coming weeks? No experienced needed, just enthusiasm. Please drop an email to or give us a ring.