Thanks due to councillor

In all fairness, I believe a great deal of thanks are due to Coun Georgina Hill for her stance and efforts with regard to the state of pavements in the area, (Berwick Advertiser, December 13).

Saturday, 29th December 2018, 08:00 am

I understand it was brought to Coun Hill’s skilful attention by local man Ron Hartley, who lives in Tweedmouth.

It’s a pity we don’t have more tenacious councillors like this.

By far, there are too many retrospective planning permissions granted, which I believe is not to the benefit of Berwick or its residents.

Northumberland County Council, which seems to me hellbent on ‘cashing in’, appears to forget the state of pavements, dirty streets and a well-run hospital.

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Equipment of an essential variety mysteriously finds its way to the middle and south of the county, thus depriving Berwick of essential basics.

Thanks to Jen and Gordon McLean this is being addressed.

Perhaps a good ‘spring clean’ will result in more pro-active councillors of Coun Hill’s calibre.

Perhaps the councillors for my area might give consideration to the state of both pavements and streets in my area.

The words co-ordination and co-operation sometimes appear to have gone out of the metaphorical window.

What we in Berwick require is a more centralised team, capable of dealing with local issues, who might curtail properties being sub-let and used as houses of multiple occupancy.

It’s no good asking the ‘thin blue line’ for help; officers are too overstretched.

Instead of deploying service personnel on ‘peace keeping duties’ overseas, it might be worth them patrolling our streets to restore order and prevent us becoming a ‘do as you want’ state with no justice.

Eric Allen

Tweed Street