Testing policy is an '˜insult'

I am a licensed taxi operator working within the Berwick Zone, as laid down in Northumberland County Council's licensing policy.

Friday, 9th February 2018, 08:00 am

There are about six such zones in Northumberland and each is entirely separate and no cross-trading is allowed.

I would like to refer to the article featured recently (Berwick Advertiser, January 18), and raise objections to the county council’s policy of requiring all licensed taxis operating within Berwick to be tested at its ‘in house’ facility within the entirely separate zone of Alnwick.

This situation is absolutely unsatisfactory and I consider it a blatant insult to the competence and integrity of all MOT testing stations within Berwick-upon-Tweed.

An MOT is an MOT, regardless of where it is carried out, and all testing stations are subject to the rules of VOSA.

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The MOT is basically the test that underpins a vehicle’s roadworthiness.

The council’s compliance part of the taxi test is basically cosmetic.

For all of the above reasoning, the question is, why does the council insist that Berwick taxis be tested outwith the town of Berwick when there are perfectly adequate facilities within this town?

I believe the current situation is unfair and unacceptable to both the licensed trade and the local garages in Berwick.

It is most definitely not a level playing field for the taxi trade and, in many ways, it is discriminatory to all in this trade.

Michael Rimmer