Tawny owls are ready to fly away

Firstly this week, I would like to say thank you to Debra, Peter and David who painted the toilet, hall and office this week assisted by Jackie and Jim, who took everything off the walls and cleaned it down beforehand.

Saturday, 1st September 2018, 4:53 pm
Tawny owls.

We look really clean and tidy. I don’t suppose it will stay that way for long but it looks good now.

Another thank you is due to the manager at Haggerston Castle and Andy Howie for inviting us to have a tombola on the green.

This raised us more than £100 and the girls enjoyed seeing Andy’s birds of prey.

This brings me to the swan that we collected from Haggerston that had been in collision with a lorry.

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The poor bird’s leg was very sore and it was unable to stand.

X-rays showed no break but there were grazes and cuts on its foot.

It was treated with antibiotics and painkillers and later had Vaseline rubbed into its foot daily as it was becoming dry and cracked.

It was standing and walking a little, but we also noticed one wing was carried low.

We had decided all we could do was send the bird for another X-ray, but the following morning we found the swan dead.

It had been standing by the pond half an hour before so it must have been very sudden.

Very sad, but we did all that we could.

Enough of the sadness.

We have some much better news.

We have eight young tawny owls that have been pronounced ready for release.

We intend to do this on Tuesday.

It will involve a bit of a trip round the Borders as only two of the birds came from the same place.

The weather is not going to be too bad for the youngsters, who are all a very healthy weight.

They are having large mice for their dinner over the next couple of days just to give them a boost.

Four of the birds can be seen in the photograph.

We are taking a camera to try to capture the moment they go, but usually it is just a blur in the corner of the picture.

We are still getting hedgehogs brought in and we are very pleased that we have the extra hutches for them to hibernate in this year.

There will be at least 12 that will be with us throughout the winter, but we hope they will reach a good weight by November so they can hibernate with us.

It will be too late to release them once winter has set in.

We still have hedgehogs needing sponsors so please give us a call if you would like to help us.

All of our assorted pigeons and doves were released last week, just in time for us to use the Lomax aviary for the three ducklings, who are now looking very duck shaped instead of just fluff balls.

I am sure they will all enjoy having the extra space to move around in.