Take some pride in area

Over the last week, council workers have been edging the grass verges along the footpaths on the main road at Scremerston.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12 February, 2016, 08:00

It has made a big difference and looks really neat. The only problem is that when you walk on the footpaths you immediately notice the piles of dog dirt deposited every few yards, regardless to there being three dog waste bins on that road.

The main culprits are people walking their dogs off the lead and wandering along oblivious to what their pets are doing. They are left to their own devices, way behind or well in front.

The council should pass a law that “all dogs must be kept on a lead in built-up areas”.

Scremerston, like many places in Berwick, is getting spoilt with dog dirt and irresponsible dog walkers.

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It is so easy to pick up after your pet, which I do four times a day, every day, even on country walks, woods and the beach. For God’s sake have some pride and clean up after your pet.

J Gray