Swans still need medical attention

Firstly this week, I will give an update on the swan that was trapped in a hedge.

Friday, 20th May 2016, 10:33 am
The Lapwing and the duckling are getting on fine together.

The bird has improved slightly.

Its wings are fine now, although for a few days they were held at a very odd angle.

It is, however, still very lame.

The bird is having double doses of pain killer, but we have seen very little improvement in her walking.

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She was to be taken off to the vet for a thorough check-up on Wednesday when we hoped we may find out more about the injuries.

Also due to be going to the vet is the amputee swan, which is not very well at all.

She is very quiet, and yet when she is approached, she goes madly running around. This causes her to knock the wound against the fence, which opens up the wound again.

The ducklings, I’m pleased to say, are doing fine in the Lomax Aviary.

This is the only duckling group we have had that runs towards us when we go into the aviary. All the others have run away as far as they can and been brilliantly wild.

The photograph this week shows the lapwing and the duckling (I said it was a plover last week by mistake), who are getting on fine together.

We are going to put them in an aviary in another few days’ time so they will be out in the fresh air.

This week we have to wash a swan and a herring gull as they both seem to be covered in light oil. It smells like cooking oil.

We have no idea where this could have come from, and if it is cooking oil, it will be very hard to remove. I will try to get photographs for next week.

Both birds are fit, they are just unable to go into the water because of the oil covering.

We are cleaning out the big pond so once they are waterproof again I am sure they will enjoy a bath (without the soap).

The hedgehogs are still arriving as fast as we release them.

This week we felt very sorry for one of them as it had been electrocuted.

The hedgehog had managed to get itself stuck in an electric fence.

He had been there for some time and the people who brought him in said they could hear the tick of the fence giving the poor hog more charges.

When we examined it, we found that it had lost two claws, one on the front and the other one at the back, and the toes look very sore.

These injuries may have been done on the fence, or have happened earlier.

The hedgehog is of a healthy weight, but is very lethargic.

He probably was traumatised by the whole experience.

He is eating a little, but is still quite poorly.

In between all these arrivals and departures, we are preparing for our Open Day.

It takes place on Saturday, May 28 , from 10.30am until 2pm.

There will be lots to see and do at the event, so do please come along and support us.