Swan is making a speedy recovery

A Happy New Year to everyone who has helped us in so many ways through 2018.

Friday, 4th January 2019, 1:00 pm
The amputee cygnet is now making a speedy recovery.

I cannot list names, there are so many, but from people delivering clean newspapers each week to donating a new printer, we could not manage without your help and the time given by all our volunteers.

Thank you does not seem enough.

Last week Elfie told the sad tale of the long eared owl.

For the New Year I thought I should give a more upbeat story.

In early October last year we had a cygnet brought in with a broken wing.

It was taken straight to the vets to see if anything could be done.

David the vet repaired the break, which was high up on the wing, and fitted lots of exterior scaffolding to hold the bones in place.

The lower part of the wing trailed on the ground still so we had to tape it up as the cygnet was treading on it.

When the scaffolding came off a few weeks ago the break was mended, but there must have been some nerve damage as the bird could still not hold its wing up, it still trailed beside it.

It must have been very uncomfortable for the bird.

When David checked out the bird again he decided the only option was to amputate the wing.

He performed the operation on December 19, and although the bird had to be kept under cover and off the water for a couple of weeks, it looked much more comfortable.

Although the bird will never fly, he will be able to manage very well on the river and it is pleasing to see that he is much more comfortable without the wing trailing.

He should now make a speedy recovery.

As I was writing this piece we had a big delivery at the centre.

Way back in October we heard of a company making specialist cages for hedgehogs.

At this stage it was still working on its final design.

We contacted it and let it know we were interested.

We had some money that had been donated for another project ,which we completed for less money than we first envisaged, so we were able to order some of the cages. The cages arrived today.

There are four banks of three cages that will fit in the space currently taken up by five cages, which will be a great help in our recovery room where space is limited.

They need to be fitted on a stand, which Jim and Peter will make, and I will show a photo of them when they are set up.

We are able to fit another two banks in at a later date, and as the cost is £450 for each bank of three, they are a very reasonable price, considering other cages cost that much for just one.

We may hold a special fund-raising event early this year to fund the extra cages.

We currently have 42 hedgehogs in our care so they will certainly be fully occupied.