Suspected poachers in north Northumberland

Police are investigating reports of suspected poachers operating in north Northumberland.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 01 February, 2017, 11:05
Latest news from Northumbria Police.

Suspicions were raised about a blue Volkswagen Passat in the Belford and Lucker area last night and a silver Subaru in the Lesbury area.

Officers attended the latter incident but no evidence of poaching or attempted poaching was found. A man was seen walking his dog in a field and advised about trespassing on private property.

When telephoning the police, please be prepared to give an accurate description of what is happening. This information not only assists the attending officer so they know what they are looking for but it also helps us gather evidence and progress investigations.

Persons with Dogs

Full description of persons, including numbers and accents – this will help determine the areas the suspects maybe travelling from.

Try and recall anything said and write down as soon as possible. A lot of investigations revolve around intent and motive for being on land, what has been said to landowners/witnesses can assist in that process when people are interviewed.

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Description of type of clothing can be useful in determining a person’s real intent.

Make a note of the number of dogs and their breed. It is also useful to know if they have been freshly run, covered in mud, blood, burrs etc.

Persons with Vehicles

It is crucial that you do not just obtain the registration number but make, model, any damage or identifying features. Number plates are often taken off before suspects commit offences, however this is less of a problem if we have a full description of the vehicle involved.

Direction of travel is useful and will help in the correct deployment of police resources.

Grid reference, GPS coordinates or local landmarks will also assist us if vehicles are seen away from roads.