Survey shows Berwick is divided by Brexit decision

Anti-Brexit campaigners were in Berwick on Saturday to ask shoppers how they voted and whether their views had changed since the referendum.

Thursday, 28th September 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th September 2017, 13:06 pm
The Angels for Europe group in Berwick.

The Angels for Europe group included residents from both sides of the border.

Organiser Julia Duggan, from Chatton, said: “Quite a few people saw our flags and paraphernalia and kept going. Several said the sooner we leave the better. Others saw our European flag and approached us.

“There were strong opinions on each side and people seemed to be very sure of their reasons for voting.”

The results show that out of the 88 respondents there was no obvious swing of opinion. The few who said they would change from Remain to Leave were outnumbered by those who hadn’t voted but would now vote Remain.

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Several leavers made statements that Britain should stand on its own two feet and that all the worries being expressed now are due to panic.

Others felt Britain shoud stand together with its European neighbours, while others wanted to stay in Europe so they could travel easily.

Julia said: “Younger people were far more likely to have voted remain and would do so if they had another opportunity in the future. This interests us because Angels are campaigning for proper democratic scrutiny of the debate and for the option to Remain in the EU.”