Super-clean gulls growing up fast

At last, the herring gull chicks that are growing like mushrooms have a nice pond with gentle slope so they can paddle and bathe.

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 1:14 pm
The Herring Gull chicks have a nice pond.

Our thanks to Jim and Peter for sorting the pond. The birds are really super clean. They wash their faces after every meal and love to have a complete bath, even when they are small.

This year, as most of them came in on one day and were all like ping-pong balls, they were able to go together once they had got over the shock of a 30ft or 40ft fall.

Several died from internal injuries, but the majority soon pulled themselves together and ate everything that was put in front of them.

These ‘first in’ birds are now growing their wings and are trying to lift off the ground when they flap.

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One or two smaller ones have come in to join the merry band, and although it is time consuming cleaning them, and very fishy when preparing their food, they all look very healthy. We just smell of fish!

We are checking ducklings in the big pond as we think they are very nearly ready to be released.

We have two other younger ducklings ready to take their place in the pond with Harry Swan, who is at last moulting out his pink feathers. He is looking beautifully white so another few weeks should sort him out as well.

Our oldest cygnet is growing well and, very sadly, he is missing the tiny companion who came in a couple of weeks ago.

He was much smaller, but they were getting on very well together. However, the little one was found dead earlier this week so poor cygnet is on his own again.

The one that died had been alone and abandoned by his family. It’s really sad when this happens, but we can’t win them all.

Our tawny owlets are all growing up and we need more aviaries for them as they grow. We are constantly moving birds from one pen to another to make room. They are all doing very well.

This is the time of year when all the tiny garden birds get lost or caught by cats, and they come into us to sort them out.

We have placed them with various volunteers so they can be fed continuously.

They include a blackbird, several sparrows, a house martin, a goldfinch and a chaffinch. We are lucky to have volunteers happy to take them home.

Our next Open Day is on Saturday, July 28, running from 11am to 2pm.

There is plenty of wildlife to see, as well as a tombola and other stalls.

Visitors can also check out our new 2019 calendars. One is a special one showing just hedgehog pictures, and there is a general calendar showing the variety of wildlife we deal with.

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