Suggestion is unbelievable

I would have thought that the remit for the consultancy agency recently employed to find the best location for a new car park in Berwick would have been to:

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16 February, 2018, 08:00

1. Keep as much traffic as possible away from our already busy main streets.

2. Find a suitable location, with facilities for visitors.

3. Make sure any new development is not visually detrimental to our town’s historic appearance.

So for paid ‘experts’ to come up with the idea of a two-storey car park on the quayside is quite unbelievable.

To arrive at this destination all traffic would have to go down Marygate, which is already a nightmare to cross.

It would then negotiate the awkward corner at the Town Hall, before heading down Hide Hill to squeeze through the narrow archway, which will be the only way both in and out.

With regard to last week’s optimistic news of a possible £250,000 being made available for pontoons at the quayside to cater for proposed cruise ship visitors, I don’t think these visitors would be very impressed with an initial view of our historic town being a new multi-storey car park.

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Last week’s Berwick Advertiser stated: “It is hoped the project could be a catalyst for further investment in the quayside area, widely regarded as one of Berwick’s most under-utilised assets.”

How true.

It is time for all parties involved to get their heads together, stop wasting money, and treat this beautiful town of ours with the respect it deserves.

Graham Edmundson

Church Road