Successful weekend for students at Junior World Championships

The Saturday brought the gi competition in which Cody Leighton was up first. Cody won his first match via triangle but sadly went on to lose his second by kimura. Due to large numbers in his category he did not medal.

Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 12:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 12:27 pm

Second competitors Hayden Ainslie and Duncan Anderson were in the same category on this day, due to Duncan bravely stepping up to an older category so he could still compete. Duncan beat his first competitor by armbar, but lost his second match by points.

Hayden had a similar story, but being submitted by an Americana by the eventual winner, both competitors getting well earned bronze medals.

Up next was the second of the Anderson brothers, Oliver. In a category of only two competitors (one didn’t show up), Oliver sadly lost a close battle on points to take silver. The final of the three brothers Rory Anderson, competed but was also unfortunate to lose his first match via reverse triangle to just miss out on receiving a medal.

Ewan Lowrie was then the first of the older competitors that day and due to no one in his category he received a default gold medal. Once he had collected this he went on to challenge himself and entered the absolute division (all weights), he ended the day with double gold, winning the absolute category with a great performance.

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The last competitors of the day were Callam Crawford and Jevon Leighton, both in the blue belt division.

Callam won silver after winning his first match on points but losing his second by a rear naked choke.

Jevon was last up and had a tough battle with his Spanish opponent in which he was submitted by a bow and arrow choke, leaving him with a bronze medal.

Having earned a medal in his category, Jevon was eligible for the absolute division, which he decided to enter. Luck was not on his side as he met his opponent from his original category again.

After showing a stronger performance, he lost after the referee stopped the contest just as Jevon was escaping an armbar. It was a poor refereeing decision, even Jevon’s opponent agreed, sadly this meant that he just missed out on a medal.

The Sunday introduced the no gi competition and competitor Cody Leighton saw this as another chance to take home a medal. Cody went on to battle hard but lost by points, this time bringing home a bronze medal. The next competitor was Hayden Ainslie and after a great back and forth battle he lost his semi-final by a rear naked choke. This saw Hayden bring home a second bronze of the weekend.

Third competitor of the day was Ewan Lowrie and after having a successful day on the Saturday he looked to continue this. In his first match he was all over his opponent and won on points. Then in the final Ewan battled until the end but lost out on points. This saw him collect a silver medal.

The final competitor over the long weekend was Jevon Leighton. For the third time over the weekend he had the same opponent and after battling hard hoping for the win this time he lost out on points. This saw him take silver and enter for the absolute again. However in the absolute he met a team mate from London and generously gave him the win. In doing this Jevon did not collect a medal.

Over the whole weekend the TF team brought home two golds, four silvers and five bronze, all competitors earned at least one medal from their exploits, another successful weekend for the team.