The Story of Maria Reiche

The story of Maria Reiche, who left Germany as the Nazis were taking control and become a national heroine in Peru was told to Berwick Probus Club on Wednesday by Ann Horn, of Berwick.

Sunday, 7th October 2018, 9:00 am

Mrs Horn showed a series of slides of the aged, historic lines which were mapped and detailed by Maria. Anxious to escape, unable to find a job and fluent in five languages she eventually went to Peru and became a tutor.

Later she became a translator, met a professor who was searching for the significance of the lines for which the country is famous and spent her life working for him and assisting with the mapping.

For a time they thought the lines were part of a giant astronomical calendar but this theory has since been dismissed. Maria produced a book, “Mystery of the Desert”, and lived to 95 years old.