Statue highlights campaign

The Lady Jerningham statue in Berwick has been used for a women’s rights campaign.

Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:40 am
North East & Cumbria ReSisters alongside ReSisters United, have carried out a campaign across the UK using the hashtag #WomenStandUp. Statues, including Lady Jerningham in Berwick, wore t-shirts stating the dictionary definition of woman: Adult Human Female.

T-shirts stating the dictionary definition of woman – adult human female – were put on monuments which commemorate women, their lives and experiences

The campaign was coordinated in this region by North East & Cumbria ReSisters alongside ReSisters United using the hashtag #WomenStandUp.

ReSisters United members asserted the action was done in order to reclaim the right for women to describe themselves as adult human females.

Debate has swirled around the use of this dictionary definition in recent months, with some people claiming a woman is not necessarily female, and that a woman might even have a male body.

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ReSisters United say that, in recent years, women who continue to affirm that only women are female have been bullied, censored, assaulted and silenced. They felt they had no choice but to take their message to the streets.

A spokeswoman for ReSisters United said: “In today’s climate of hyper political correctness, the factual definition of woman has become taboo. With this action we send the message that women have the right to speak about our biology without shame, fear or retribution.”

Lady Jerningham was the wife of Sir Hubert Jerningham, MP for Berwick in the 1880s. A statue was built in her memory in 1906, four years after her death, and moved to its present location in Bankhill in 1908, looking over the Tweed towards her former home at Longridge.