Speedy blood donor races to the rescue

Animals are amazing.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 25 August, 2018, 13:26
Berwick animal rescue kennels

With Chrystal doing an amazing job of bringing up 10 kittens, we received a call from Galedin Vets. There was a need for a blood donor.

Speedy, the greyhound, stepped up and was an absolutely star. Timing is everything and this beauty will be getting his reward by going to a new home.

We have a beautiful golden oldie, a large boy, who walks well on the lead, black with accents of grey.

He’s had a rough time recently and was clearly very much loved. He needs a quiet retirement home where he can snuggle up on large comfy bed.

Toby is a boxer-cross and has such a loving character. He has had ear and skin problems, but these are largely resolved, although he may need to be on regular, low cost medication for life.

Lacey is a two-and-a-half-year-old tan and white lurcher. She would benefit from a home that has time to train her and give her the company she craves.

Affectionate and loving cat Lola is still at the kennels. She is also an absolute stunner.

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She came in with Leyla, who is equally eye-catching, white with tabby ears. She can be on the shy side and does have a low grade heart murmur, but no treatment is required and it doesn’t affect her enthusiasm for life.

Sox, our big black and white boy with an interesting personality on occasions, has been on a strict diet, but leads a very sedentary lifestyle and we are struggling to get even a couple of grams off him.

He really does need to be in a home that will encourage him to go out and about and get rid of all those extra inches.

The baby rabbits are just about ready to go to their new homes.

We currently have two females and five males. They are white and brown and very sleek.

Charlie the bearded dragon is doing really well. He is tucking into his food and loves now climbing. He will make his feelings very clear when he wants a bath.