Speeding drivers clocked on the A697

More than 100 drivers were clocked speeding along a stretch of the notorious A697.

Friday, 12th May 2017, 07:07 am
Hedgeley Services garage at Powburn on the A697

Northumbria Police’s Community Speed Watch volunteers registered a total of 130 motorists driving too fast at Powburn last month.

On April 4, 10 out of 63 vehicles were speeding; 27 out of 134 were going too fast on April 7; 21 out of 138 exceeded the limit on April 13; and 28 out of 350 were speeding on April 20.

A separate check on April 9 at Hedgeley Services, just outside the village, caught 44 speeding motorists out of 148.

Speed Watch Volunteers were in other areas of north Northumberland during April.

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On April 4, two out of 35 vehicles were speeding along the B1340 at Christon Bank. On April 11, three out of 45 were exceeding the limit at the same location.

Community Speed Watch operates across the Northumbria Police Force area.

Volunteers set up the watch in a designated spot, using measuring equipment to record the speed of passing vehicles. Details are noted of any vehicles found to be speeding.

Working with police, a letter is sent to motorists about their speeding. If the same driver is identified as speeding in the area a number of times then officers make contact with the driver and action may be taken.