Sometimes dogs just need to be dogs

Despite so much interest in Toni, the female cornsnake, at the time of writing she is still with us.

Sunday, 12th March 2017, 2:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd March 2017, 3:43 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

She is a friendly girl who enjoys being handled and loves to explore both hair and jumpers. She does need a home where someone will be willing to ensure she gets the right diet, and can come with her viv if necessary.

Funny Bunny has been with us a while. She has changed so much since coming in and is now a calm and relaxed bunny. She is a nice size, very nosey, loves her treats and doesn’t mind being picked up. She needs a home with loads of room to play and explore, and without dogs.

Sox is a large, bit of an understatement, black and white cat. He is friendly, but likes his own space at times and is not shy about letting you know. We’d ideally like a more rural home for him so that he has lots of room to explore and keep his weight down.

We also have a pair of six-month-old black females. These two also need a rural home within a farm environment, where they will live outside and earn their keep.

We have a few Jack Russells in the kennels, including a 10-month-old and a two-year-old. Jack and Zeus have their individual needs and could not be rehomed with children.

Toby is a young Shih Tzu who is not great around other dogs, but really needs more than anything else to go to a good training class that will work with his owner to make him into the dog we know he can become.

Similarly, Buster needs to know his role in life.

Sometime dogs need to be just that and in doing so they will be happy, which is the most important thing.

We have lots of events going on later this year and, of course, needless to say they will involve the obligatory tomobolas.

If you have any items for either tomobola prizes or raffle prizes, we would very much appreciate them.

They can be dropped into our shop or kennels, marked ‘prizes’. Thank you in advance for any donated items you can give.