Some super pets of all shapes and sizes

A quick update on mum and foster cat mum Chrystal '“ she is doing so well and is very successfully feeding 10 hungry kittens.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 16:48 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

We have really appreciated all the donations, both financial and of kitten food, for her and her up and coming babies. These kittens are not looking for homes.

We’ve had lots of super dogs in this week, including Martha, a three or four-year-old bearded collie-cross. She’s a lovely girl, but she has had problems with other dogs so will need to be an only dog and care be taken around other dogs.

We’re surprised that the very beautiful Speedy, a brown and white greyhound, is still with us. He is just super, good on the lead, great with other dogs and such a learner.

Toby is another very loving dog, a boxer-cross-springer. He had terrible ear problems when he came in and we thought he might need an operation, but with support from Galedin and regular treatment he has turned the corner and is now ready for a new home. Due to his allergies it is likely he will be on steroids (possibly seasonal), but these are relatively inexpensive.

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We have some beautiful cats in. Lola and Leyla are six and five years old, and although they came in together, we think they might be as happy apart. Lola is super playful and loves a chat, while Leyla likes a more gentle approach and a stroke.

Charlie the bearded dragon has done really well and is now eating (a rather disgusting) selection of live food, as well as vegetables, with enthusiasm. Although he is still being hand-fed, he makes it very clear when he’s had enough by closing his eyes and turning his head away. He loves his baths, but loves being dried even more. He is very friendly and affectionate.

We have seven baby rabbits looking for homes in a few weeks, either as pairs or to join another rabbit.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday, August 19 at Paxton’s Summer Fair, where the Pauline Gregory Trophy for Best in Show will be awarded to the overall winner.