Snow brought back memories

Reading about the schools closing because of snow reminded me of that winter of 1958/59, my last year in school.

Sunday, 31st December 2017, 8:00 am

The school was Tweedmouth Modern School in Berwick.

The town children had no problems, but the buses stopped running to the villages around Berwick and these children had a day at home.

Apart, that is, from one girl, our head girl at the time, Celia Mole, from Horncliffe, four or five miles from the school.

Celia appeared after lunch carrying her good school shoes and wearing her canvas gym shoes. Her face, hands and legs were all purple with the cold as she had walked all the way to school.

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Celia is no longer with us, but I have never forgotten her face at the next assembly when she was cheered by the whole school and all of the staff.

Well done, old friend.

H French