School library inspires pupils

Seahouses Primary school is half way through a year-long library opening to inspire a love of not only reading but also writing, publishing and illustrating in their pupils.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 12 March, 2019, 10:16
It's been a busy time in the library at Seahouses Primary School.

A full renovation of the school library has seen 9ft wooden lighthouses erected, boats purchased and an ambitious investment in high-quality texts and resources.

Local illustrator Daniel Weatheritt kicked off the official library opening with a design master class.

Pupils then met Liz Million, author and illustrator, as she worked with the children in their crusade against plastic pollution.

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The children then created a range of characters, settings and stories based upon animals in distress due to plastic pollution.

Parents are invited to read in the library with their children during half-termly events and use the space to spend time exploring books.

Headteacher Vickie Allen said: “Local tradespeople have worked with the staff’s creative vision to create a magical space any child would want to read in. We’re proud of the ethos we are creating around reading here. We hope to inspire a love of reading and books for many future generations to come!”