Sand accumulations removed from prom

A programme of works to clear excess vegetation and sand from Spittal Promenade has started.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 1:12 pm
Works are being undertaken to remove grass and sand which has built up around Spittal prom.

Northumberland County Council began a three-week programme of clearance works on Friday.

Coun Karin Graham, of Berwick Town Council, had reported several concerns raised by residents, informing officers that the area was getting worse by the week and needed attention.

One of the issues is thick marram grass by the prom wall, as well as on the stairs to the beach and stairwells, making them look unsightly as well as a potential hazard for small children and dogs.

A site inspection was carried out by officers from the county council’s neighbourhood services team and they confirmed that the grass by the prom is to be removed over the next few weeks, as and when resources and the weather permit.

The build-up of sand along footpaths and towards the car park will also be tackled.

Further inquiries are to be made about the costs of getting specialist equipment to clear the stairwells. Excess sand from these areas would also be removed at this time if the work can be done.

The level of accumulated sand along the prom wall is considered to be acceptable but will continue to be monitored.

Another concern which had been reported was the build-up of sand over the large sea defences.

However, the neighbourhood services team says there is little that can be done, apart from digging the sand out between the rocks. It was also noted that the sea defences are still performing as expected.