Saga of Kwik Save offices plan reaches the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister has been dragged into the long-running debate about the future of the former Kwik Save site in Berwick.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 12:20 pm
Kwik Save site, Berwick

Cllr David Blackburn, a vociferous opponent of plans to build offices on the Walkergate site, has written to David Cameron to complain about Northumberland County Council.

He accuses the authority of focusing on its Labour heartland in the south-east of the county whilst neglecting Berwick, a town with the second lowest average earnings in the country.

He writes: ‘The county council are planning to build, at great expense, two blocks of offices on prime land within the historic Elizabethan walls. Why? For the use of a wealthy and influential partnership of local accountants, and yes you’ve got it, council offices for public servants.

‘Nobody wants them save for the local Lib Dem county councillor and a few people with vested interests. You see local Berwick politics is all about rubbing up with the controlling elite. There is no evidence of any benefit to the Berwick community; indeed the proposal is damaging to Berwick’s future regeneration prospects.’

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It has provoked a strong defence from Cllr Grant Davey, county council leader.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Cllr Davey writes: ‘I can assure you that myself, fellow county councillors and senior council officers are fully committed to driving economic growth in Berwick and we will do so by working collaboratively with any local stakeholder who wishes to actively contribute and add value.

‘I will not, however, allow this important process to be derailed by ignorant and vexatious contributions from individuals whose input is designed to disrupt and slow down the positive work being undertaken by many others.’