Sad week for animals left without owners

It's been a very busy week with lots of animals coming and going.

Friday, 8th June 2018, 4:17 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

Two new male border collies, aged five, are Jock, a tri coloured, and Moss, a traditional black and white. They are both very sweet and have been farm dogs. So far we have found them very clean in kennels. Both are okay on the lead, but would benefit from an extra bit of training. They are equally good with other dogs so may well settle in a home with a current dog.

We’ve had a sad week with animals coming in from owners who have died. These, by very definition, always come in as emergencies and we are thankful to be in a position to help, so we have five new animals looking for homes.

One of these is Finlay, a 17-year-old border terrier type. Finlay has no idea how old he is and is a very sprightly boy. He has lived with a cat, but may be better as an only pet. He has a minor heart murmur, but tablets keep this well under control. We realise it is expecting a lot, but a lovely golden (well more white) oldie will really appreciate a loving home.

Another older dog in the same position is Chloe, an 11-year-old golden lab. She’s just lovely, enjoys her walks and has had some good training as she was previously a gun dog.

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We have a few older cats, including George, who is about 15 years old. He came in as a stray, but remains unclaimed – a sweet boy and very handsome.

We get many strays and with cats and dogs we can see how that can happen. However, this week we had a bearded dragon handed in as a stray, sadly very dehydrated and underweight. After a stay at the vets he/she is now back with us and we hope on the road to recovery.

It is unlikely an owner would not miss their bearded dragon and contact various places. Almost a week after it came in no one has come forward, therefore it is likely that this poor creature was dumped to suffer a long and painful death.

We are here to try to help, but there really is no excuse for this type of cruelty.