Rotary Club buys trees for schools in Tanzania

In an effort to do their bit to help the environment and combat global warming, Berwick Rotary Club have decided to buy and plant some trees, and to do their utmost to arrange for them to be planted in Tanzania.

Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 10:51 am
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One thousand trees will be planted by Rotary Clubs in North East Tanzania, mostly in schools to provide shade for the pupils and future fuel supplies and income for the schools.

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A further 50 fruit trees will be planted to provide fruit and income for the pupils as well as allowing them to gain experience in the husbandry and commerce from growing and marketing the fruit trees and the produce.

It is hoped that once the trees are planted, local schools may be able to link with the schools in Tanzania to gain an insight into a very different life and to follow the development of the project. If any local schools would like to register an interest in this, contact club president Chris Hardie at Martins the Printers.