Rialto is full of beans

An Eyemouth coffee shop has joined exalted company in the roster of top coffee roasters in Scotland.

Thursday, 25th February 2016, 2:12 pm
Ellyn and Michael Howes and Matthew Haynes ready to offer customers a unique blend of beans at Rialto Cafe in Eyemouth

Rialto, managed by husband and wife Michael and Ellyn Howes, has been selected to be part of the Scottish Indy Coffee Guide, which includes reviews of 44 top coffee shops in Scotland.

Michael, originally from Spittal, was in Glasgow earlier this week to celebrate the guide’s launch.

“I knew it was coming out, because I had seen the other editions,” said Michael, “but I never thought that it would be us included in it.

“They judge on criteria like serving speciality coffee, preparing it in a certain way, working with single origin coffees, things like that.

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“It’s just great that there’s another little bit of profile for Eyemouth, really. And if you get people coming into town for a stop on the A1, they’re likely to visit us, or come to tick us off their coffee shop list and have a look around.”